The Executive Career Coach Institute

Earn a pioneering credential to set yourself apart from other coaches and career professionals to work and coach in the lucrative executive career coaching niche field.

Coaching Top Executives:
Coaching and empowering top executives through their job search process is a challenging, lucrative, and truly rewarding profession. Attract Global Fortune 500, private equity & venture capital as well as start-up company leaders to trust you as their executive career coach.

Global Executive Job Search Market: Executives are great at leading companies and they bring along thousands of hours of expertise in their fields, but most of them struggle when it comes to properly positioning and marketing themselves in the competitive global executive job search market. Showcase that you have the right expertise with your new certified Executive Career Coach Institute (ECCI) credential.

Pioneering Executive Career Coaching Program: In this advanced pioneering executive career coach certification program you will learn how to coach and guide your clients through their executive job search process. From resume creation, and via tapping into the hidden job market, all the way to final executive salary negotiations.


In this executive career coach certification program you will learn to coach and empower senior executives through their job search journey, from initial career marketing material creation to final executive salary compensation.

The program consists of seven Self-Paced Modules (two introductory and five main modules).

Students must pass a multiple choice quiz at the end of each module to proceed to the next step in the ECCI certification process. This ensures individuals certified in executive career coaching by ECCI fully understand the profession and are qualified to guide executive clients toward their next corporate roles.

Each module consists of short instructional video introduction, study materials (between 15 to 25+ pages per module), template files, and final quizzes.

  • Module 1. Introduction to Executive Career Coaching & Its Function: Learn why executive career coaching offers extreme value to executive clients seeking their next corporate roles and how executive career coaching functions in aiding clients to find and secure those roles.
  • Module 2. First Point of Contact, Client Intake & Initial Assessment: Executive career coaches work in partnership with their clients toward a common goal. Learn how to determine which clients best suit you and which services—and to what extent—they need.
  • Module 3. Career Marketing Materials: Résumé, Cover Letter & Bio: Learn how to assess the quality and effectiveness of executive career coaching clients’ marketing materials to improve their personal brands. Learn which materials which will benefit them the most and how to best use those documents.
  • Module 4. Optimizing & Utilizing LinkedIn: LinkedIn can be your executive coaching client’s most powerful tool. Learn how to optimize the client’s profile and use the power of LinkedIn to your client’s best advantage.
  • Module 5. Targeted Search, Direct Networking & Hidden Job Market: Learn how to effectively tap into the hidden job market and apply the know-how of networking in a targeted, effective manner to help your executive career coaching clients find the opportunities that suit them best.
  • Module 6. Mastering the Executive Interview: Your client’s performance during the interview can make or break the opportunity. Learn how to coach your executive career coaching client in the art of interviewing with knowledge, intelligence, and authenticity.
  • Module 7. The Final Step: Salary Negotiation: When your client receives an offer of employment, your job does not end. Learn how to assess the items included within the executive job offer and prioritize them according to your client’s needs and best interests. Finally, elevate your clients’ negotiating skills to negotiate the best value.


What is the course about and is this certification a good match for me?

Your Instructor

Tim Windhof
Tim Windhof

Tim Windhof is an internationally renowned executive career coach and triple certified executive résumé writer who has worked with and empowered hundreds of senior executives around the globe to dramatically reduce the duration of their job searches.

Tim is the founder of Windhof Career Services, LLC, where he works one-on-one with select, private executive and C-suite clients every month. When not working one-on-one with his clients, Tim oversees the certification process at The Executive Career Coaching Institute, LLC (ECCI), an organization he launched to fill a quality gap in the executive career coaching industry.

Tim is a certified Hidden Job Market Coach, Nationally Certified Résumé Writer, and one of only 35 Certified Executive Résumé Masters worldwide. He is a former Forbes Coaches Council member and has lived, studied, and worked in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and the USA.

Before finding and committing to his true calling as a coach, Tim worked as an international corporate attorney and started his legal career for the Munich office of Jones Day, one of the top three largest law firms in the world. He holds a law degree from the University of Cologne, a Master of Laws with First Class Honors from the University of Canterbury, and a Master Certificate in human resources management from Villanova University.

"As an executive personal branding strategist and LinkedIn profile writer, it is paramount for me to comprehend the entire process of executives in transition to provide a robust and ROI rich service for my clients. ECCI training is very empowering this way, and Tim's style is straightforward and supportive. His experiences as both a coach and founder of the coaching program added value to the learning experience for me. I feel prepared to enter my own journey of executive career coaching, thanks, Tim!"

Louise Duffield

Head of Executive Services & Personal Branding Expert

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course and executive career coach certification program is a completely self-paced, online course. You decide when you start and when you finish.
Are there tests and/or quizzes I have to pass?
Yes, each chapter ends with a multiple choice exam which requires a passing score of 85% to advance to the next module. If you diligently study the materials, then you will have no problem passing the tests.
Who is this course a good match for?
The program is a good match for you if you aim to empower and coach senior executives through their job search journeys. If you have a background in executive coaching, career coaching or counseling, résumé writing, recruiting, or human resources, then your skillset will be a good match.
Are there annual membership fees that I need to pay to the Executive Career Coach Institute?
Absolutely not. The course and certification fee is a one-time payment which requires no additional payments from you to maintain your credential once you pass all tests and achieve certification.
Does this course teach basic coaching principles and theories?
No, this course does not teach basic coaching principles and theories. This is an advanced coaching certification that laser-focuses on the exclusive niche of executive career coaching. Only battle-proven techniques, free from any academic coaching fluff, made the cut into this program.

This course is closed for enrollment.